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Below are the rules and regulations of GHP, your Web Hosting provider. Since you have chosen to be one of our internet partners, your have certain rights, the most important one, is to be provided with the most up to date Web Hosting Services possible. You also have certain obligations, which you must follow in order to insure everyone who uses  our network an enjoyable internet experience.


You will also be obligated to read and familiarize yourself with all of the rules and obligations below and follow them as they are your contract with us and will remain in effect for the entire time you are with us.


These policies below apply to our Web Hosting and E-mail customers.




1. Upon sign up, you will indicate the length of your contract; yearly, etc. The term of your contract will affect the actual rate you pay and this will be explained before you begin service with us.


2. Your contractual term is non-cancelable.


3. You are to pick a user name and password, which you should not share with others. It is a violation of our rules to share your account with anyone. Any violations of this rule shall make you liable for expulsion from our service with no refund of any part of your unused service.


4. All hosting is paid in full at the beginning of your hosting term.

5 All promotions advertised run 30 days from posting date. i.e.. 1/30/06


6. All cash and check customers shall be forwarded an invoice (based upon their contractual term) and all customers are obligated to pay their invoice within 15 days of receipt or by the 15th of the month in which the bill becomes due, whichever is first. The timely payment of your bill insures that we can keep your website at the fastest possible speed by allowing us to update our equipment.

6a. All invoices are to be paid by the due date. If you check is not received by that date, you account will be placed on a hold status. We will then send you an invoice stating that you have seven days to pay your invoice with the late charge. If in that allotted time you still do not pay your invoice. GHP has the right to suspend and or remove your account from our system. If your registration is requested to be moved, then at that time we will request a transfer fee and any past due amounts be paid before the transfer is completed.
No exceptions! GHP is not responsible for accounts that are not paid in full
buy the due date!


7. Any customer who issues a check that is returned for any reason shall be charged a fee of $30.00. If you issue a charge back you may be subject to a service charge. Please note that this is the fee that our bank charges us.


8. For all of our web hosting customers, GHP will automatically bill you prior to the end of your contractual term. If you wish not to renew your service with us and to cancel your service with GHP, it is your obligation to notify us this. You will of course be obligated to pay for any of the remaining time left on your contract. If GHP is not notified in writing (With confirmation by us), that you wish to cancel your service, your contractual term shall be renewed at the same rate and for the same term and all rights and obligations shall apply. You will be obligated to pay for the service, even if unused, unless we receive your request within 15 days before the expiration of the initial term. Monthly customers shall be obligated to notify GHP no later than 15 business days before the start of a new month of their desire to cancel their internet service otherwise they will be obligated to pay for the entire new month of service. If you cancel and have an open balance for a previous month you are obligated to that that balance. If your Credit card has already been billed for the month you will be obligated for that month and will be put on the cancellation list before the next scheduled billing cycle. **note** No Phone cancellations will be accepted. It must be in writing, either vial E-Mail or letter. No faxes, phone calls or Text messages will be accepted. (Billing@gamehostplanet.com). You are responsible for payment for your service, Even if there is a delay in getting an invoice to you.


9. GHP may cancel or suspend your account or privileges for any violations of our policies and for non-payment of your invoice without prior notice. If you decide to pay your invoice in full. GHP shall, upon receiving your payment, reinstate your account and you shall be obligated to make all further invoice payments in a timely manner as described above.


10. GHP Domain registration Policy: If GHP registered a domain name for you, you are responsible for all payments for that domain. If you refuse to pay any outstanding invoices for said domain name you agree to forfeit your rights to that domain name. GHP may offer to turn over said domain name for an applicable fee. You will be responsible for any transfer fees and taxes that may apply. You will be responsible for any and all outstanding balances. 

11. GHP has the rights to all works and domain names if all fees are not paid in full after your contractual date.

12. If you wish to have a Website archived and or copied, You are responsible for applicable charges.
13. Any domain name registered through GHP become the property of GHP unless Paid for by the customer. (Transfer fees may apply)




1. It shall be unlawful and a violation of our policies and possible State and Federal Law for any of our customers to hack into our network or to hack into some other network using our service. Don't Do It!. If caught hacking, you will be immediately terminated and your information provided to the proper authorities.


2. It shall be a serious violation of our rules and regulation if any of our customers send SPAM, (Bulk unsolicited E-mails) through our network. Do Not Do It! Any customer caught sending Spam through our network will be immediately terminated without refund for any unused time.


3. You shall not cause the unauthorized duplication through our network of software or other data that is copy-written without the payment of the appropriate fee to the writer or developer of that medium.


4. You shall not send any E-mails or other transmissions under a false or assumed name.


5. You shall not cause obscene or illegal material to be transmitted over our network.


6. You shall conduct yourself in a manner that is courteous and not be offensive to other users of our network and or other networks.


7. Any violations of the above limitations shall subject the customer to immediate termination without refund and the determination of the sanction herein shall be at the discretion of GHP and that determination shall be binding and final.





1. GHP shall not be liable for any damage or loss whatsoever to your computer or related equipment, your hardware, software, files and information due to any causes, including but not limited to, viruses, electrical spikes, lightning, or power outages. GHP shall also not be liable for subsequent damages to you or your business, customers, that result in the loss of any business or data due to damage or loss of any and all information, files, hardware or software for any of the reason stated herein above.


2. We request that if you have any important data that you need or cannot do without that you back it up! This is the only way you are assured that you will not lose it. If you have it only in your hardrive, your hardrive may be susceptible to viruses or crashing and loss of data.





1. You may not use any personal web pages for commercial or business use and GHP shall have no liability whatsoever including loss of business. Your personal web page(s) is only for that purpose. If you wish to have a business web page, we will be glad to discuss and set one up for you at a terrific monthly price. Use of the personal web server shall include no guarantees of uptime.

If you use the personal web server for hosting of pictures for auction purposes, it is at your own risk and no compensation shall be issued for loss of any information, sales or any losses whatsoever.


2 We at Gamehostplanet reserve the right to change, modify or add to these Rules and Regulations at any time without prior notification. It is your obligation to read and refer to them from time to time to insure you agree with all the terms and conditions set forth.


3. These Rules and Regulations are valid upon posting and you agree to accept and abide by them unless you notify us in writing within (7) days from the original posting date.


4. If you are found in any violation of the Rules and Regulations, GHP reserves the right to cancel or suspend your service without prior notice to you and no refund will be due you for unused service.


5. We at GHP are not responsible for the content of any E-Mail, newsgroups, or other content that you may see during your searches on the internet. If you may be offended by certain material, do not read or view the material on the offending site.


6. If you cancel your account with GHP your E-mail cannot be forwarded to any other Company.


7. If you cancel your yearly account with GHP before your contract ends you are not entitled to a refund.


8.GHP Cannot be held responsible for persons or companies that host their own E-mail servers. If said servers cannot receive mail through any type of internet connection you choose to use.

8a. GHP is not responsible for 3rd party portals or service providers. In other words if you cannot get your mail from your website forwarded because (ie. AOL, Yahoo, MSN or Compuserve) is having a mail server issue or any other technical difficulties, we are not responsible


9.Unless otherwise specified, the Gamehostplanet, Justorderin, Taco-X, Tacox, Kilowattradio and and any other domain Owned or affiliated with GHP Sites/Services are for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the the sites listed and not listed within our Sites/Services is strictly prohibited.



Please remember, we are truly your #1 local Web Hosting and computer company. We do want you to be courteous to the other users of our service.

If you are having any trouble with our system, please call us at (732) 904-0132 and one of our expert technicians will be able to help you. As a member of our network, there is never a charge for technical advise. If you need to E-mail us our address is support@gamehostplanet.com


We appreciate and respond to all your concerns.





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